Tutorial for making an Azuma Bento Bag

  • This tutorial is based on a pattern I found in the Japanese pattern book pictured below. My daughter’s Japanese teacher helped me translate the instructions, and I converted the measurements from metric. (sorry if you like metric, you will have to convert them back) The finished bag is about 10″ wide when you lay it flat, and 18″ tall. 8″ of that is the ties, and 10″ of that is the depth of the bag.

    The instructions below are divided into two images. Drag them onto your desktop and print them out to use while you are working.

    These photos of the process might help you while you are working.

    Mark your fabric with chalk.

    The fabric cut out ready to start with wrong side of the fabric is facing up with chalk marks on it.

    The short ends serged and hemmed.

    Match your mark to the corner.

    The first edge is serged. Next to match up other side and serge (or sew)

    Detail of the bag before seams are finished.

    Begin finishing the seam where you matched your marks. Reverse your feed a few times to reinforce this seam as you start sewing.

    When you get to the tip of the handles, turn the end in so that your finished bag has a cleaner look.

    Here is the bag inside out:

    And right side out:

    Thank you! If you have any questions, email me: ruth@kikiramone.com